Social Media Basics: Part Three

Let's Make A Plan

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7. In Your Workbook: Set Meaningful Goals.

Refer back to your notes from Part One. What are some steps along the way to reaching your “big picture” goals?

Write down 3 goals with an “achieve by” date to help you stay focused and on track.

We highly encourage you to share your goals with the Social Media Support Group on Facebook.

8. In Your Workbook: Identify your target audience and niche.

Who benefits the most from your brand, services, or project?

Does your brand have a “persona” or community it speaks to most?

Do you have any customers, fans, or clients right now?
Can you see any common aspects in these people?

Write down as many insights as you can into your Workbook.


9. In Your Workbook: Research your hashtags

What are the “key words” for your audience?

What are the top trending topics for your community?

Write down as many hashtags as you can in your Workbook for reference later.

10. In Your Workbook: Do your Market Research  (?)

Refer back to your notes from Step One.  Are there any trends amongst your inspirations to take note of?

Are there any important conversations going on in your brand community?

11. If you have one: Test your landing page or website on mobile.

If you have a website, landing page, or any resources outside of Social Media that you will be sending your audience to, make sure that it presents well (and loads quickly) on mobile devices.

12. Optimize your Social Media profiles

Refer to the 15:00 minute to 17:00 minute mark in the Part Three video important notes about how to accomplish this.

13. In Your Workbook: Make a plan for how much time you will spend on Social Media

Set a time budget for your Social Media time.  Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

Go with what feels right to you, and be willing to adjust as your needs change.

14. In Your Workbook: Create an Editorial Calendar

Choose a daily theme, a weekly theme, and/or a monthly theme for your Social Media.  Write this down in your worksheet for easy reference.

As much as possible, gather the photos, videos, and any other creative materials you may need to construct your posts and content.

15. On Facebook / Your Platforms Of Choice: Draft some posts about your FEATURES

Highlight some of your favorite things about your brand or business. 

Select a high quality photo or video to accompany your writing OR create a high quality video using the app of your choice.

Save this draft to schedule in the next section.

IMPORTANT: Almost every platform favors photos and graphics with little to no text on the images themselves. Facebook and Instagram especially prefer text-free images, so whenever possible keep the written content for your posts in the text area only. If you have to use text on an image, keep it as small and concise as possible.


16. On Facebook / Your Platforms Of Choice: Draft some posts about your FUNCTIONS

What are some easy to understand functions or your brand, service, or business? 

IMPORTANT: Keep it simple and to the point. Don’t use too much “business jargon” if you can help it. Help your audience who may be in the beginner stage of experience within your community, industry, or niche by being specific and educational.

You can choose to discuss one Function at a time, or to make a comprehensive list of Functions for longer format content.

Save this draft to schedule in the next section.


17. On Facebook / Your Platforms Of Choice: Draft a post about your CORE VALUES

Show your audience what is important to your brand or business.

Tell a story about how you maintain your values within your brand.

Explain where your brand values come from.

MAXIMUM EFFORT:  If you can, make a post about each of your core values and dive deep into why they are important to you.

Save this draft to schedule in the next section.


18. On Facebook / Your Platforms Of Choice: Draft a post about your MISSION STATEMENT

For the visual aspect of this post, think about how you can demonstrate your mission in action using photos or videos (if possible.)

Save this draft to schedule in the next section.



Have questions or need help?
Don’t hesitate to ask in The Social Media Support Group  on Facebook!