Social Media Basics: Part Four

Start Making Moves!

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19. Choose a post scheduler OR find the Facebook schedule option.

If you need any recommendations feel free to ask in our Social Media Support Group on Facebook.

20. Start sending (and/or scheduling) posts!

Refer back to your content calendar and time budget from Part Three.

What time should you schedule posts for? Most experts agree that in the United States 9AM and 5PM are the times with the most engagement.

You can search online and dive deep into the technicalities of this if you would like, however we would encourage you to test out different times on your own and find out which posting times are the most effective for you.

21. Don’t forget to Make Amazing Content!

– High quality photos and videos

– Engaging topics that start conversations

– Provide value to your audience

– Put a spotlight on your project and your goals

– Celebrate Success (Yours and Others!)

– Authenticity is everything!

22. On Facebook / Your Platforms Of Choice: Engage with the audience

Answer questions, respond to comments, and reach out to people in your network about your project.

Remember: Being SOCIAL is the key to Social Media

On Facebook / Your Platforms Of Choice: Draft a post about you CELEBRATING SUCCESS

This can be your own success, success of a friend, success of your customers, and hopefully all three!

Make your own posts, comment on others accomplishments, and reach out to people in your community who are doing great things.

24. In Your Workbook: Measure your success using your “Key Performance Indicators”

Refer back to your Meaningful Goals from Part Two. 

Are you reaching your goals? Are you seeing progress?

What is working for you and what might need to be re-configured?

25. In Your Workbook: What did you learn?

What are the actionable insights from your Social Media efforts?

How can you improve on your next campaign?

Is there anything you need help with?

Have questions or need help?
Don’t hesitate to ask in The Social Media Support Group  on Facebook!