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Dealing with marketing can sometimes feel like you are working on a giant puzzle… but you have no idea how to put the pieces together.

So now, instead of having a beautiful work of art, you just have a huge mess to clean up.

Nobody’s got time for that!

With over a decade of experience in publicity, production, and promotion, Seven Seven Five is here to help you put the pieces together and reach new heights with your marketing.

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We are experts
in the art of
Audience Expansion.

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You don’t have to take our word for it…

Our Clients Have Plenty To Say:

  • Natashas World Jewelry Clayton Beck Creative De La Rosa Production Reno NV

    Natasha’s World Jewelry feels very fortunate to work with this awesome team! Our social media and website has never looked and performed better. I would highly recommend them to anyone that wants great personal service and creativity!

    Natasha's Bayt
    Owner & CEO
  • Noble Pie Downtown

    We have worked with this fabulous social media team since 2015. We would highly recommend contacting 775 Media Management for your social media and website needs immediately. If you are not seeking good media representation, you are not playing the game with a full deck of cards.

    Ryan Goldhammer
    Noble Pie Parlor, Pignic, Monolith
  • Samantha Tolkien De La Rosa Productions 775 media management Sazerac Lying Club Chocolate Walrus

    What a relief to be able to focus on the other aspects of running my business instead of worrying about marketing. The time I used to spend on marketing and social media is now better spent on the other aspects of managing my business.

    5 stars just isn’t enough.

    Ryan Van Duyn
    Executive Director

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Seven Seven Five: Media, Managed.
Seven Seven Five: Media, Managed.
Seven Seven Five: Media, Managed.
Seven Seven Five: Media, Managed.
Seven Seven Five: Media, Managed.
Seven Seven Five: Media, Managed.